Laura Korzon

Professor of Illustration
Arts Editor at Addvent since 2021
+ Laura learned the 26 letters of the alphabet in sign language
+ Laura drank beers at 12 popular microbreweries in Lancaster County
+ Laura visited 9 pick-your-own farms in Lancaster County
Laura is trying 12 different ways to cook an egg \ Laura is learning 25 ways to say hello \ Laura is tasting 40 fine wines of Italy \ Laura is gazing up at 9 cloud formations in the sky \ Laura is touring the 9 historic homesteads of Lancaster County, PA \ Laura is taking 8 factory tours in the snack capital of America \ Laura is exploring 5 Lancaster sites in the footsteps of Charles Demuth \ Laura is learning to cook 32 Pennsylvania Dutch Delicacies \ Laura is crafting 12 artisan crafts in Lancaster County
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Lancaster, Pennsylvania