Benjamin Lowery

Professor of Illustration
Arts Editor at Addvent since 2021
+ Ben explored all 7 Natural Regions of Texas
+ Ben visited the 5 Boroughs of NYC
Ben is visiting the 20 Regions of Italy \ Ben is learning 12 Ways to Cook an Egg \ Ben is traveling to the 7 Continents of Planet Earth \ Ben is learning 20 Ways to Tie a Knot \ Ben is hiking his favorite trail during all 4 Seasons of the Year \ Ben is marveling at the 24 Masterpieces of Leonardo da Vinci \ Ben is visiting the 22 Rioni of Rome \ Ben is walking the streets of 7 Ancient Cities \ Ben is standing in awe of Rome's 13 Historic Obelisks \ Ben is crossing the 5 major Rivers of Europe \ Ben is visiting the 9 Historic Homesteads of Lancaster County \ Ben is crossing the 15 Major Rivers of Texas \ Ben is looking for every Philip Guston painting on exhibition in America \ Ben is hiking the 11 Mountain Ranges of North America
Lancaster, Pennsylvania